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Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems grow healthy plants faster and bigger by using oxygen and nutrient rich water.  The healthy roots feed in water or in a soilless medium such as rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, coconut coir, or perlite.
We offer discounted hydroponic systems that use the best methods such as DWC - Deep Water Culture, RDWC – Recirculating Deep Water Culture, Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain), NFT - Nutrient Film Technique, and aeroponics.
We sell the best brands and quality hydro systems from Slucket, Flo-n-Gro, Current Culture, AeroGarden, SuperCloset, Active Aqua, AutoPot, General Hydroponics WaterFarm & AeroFlo, EZ Clone & RainForest.